Universal Remote Control In-wall Network Keypad with Hard Buttons TKP-100


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TKP-100 In-wall Network Keypad with Hard Buttons

A simple, modern in-wall interface that's unobtrusive yet gorgeous.
The TKP-100 keypad installs with your system to serve as a quick access point to assist you in making system adjustments in stride throughout your home. In an effort to outfit your home with one touch automation from anywhere, your installer will recommend the TKP-100 for areas where a primary handheld controller is not necessary but system adjustments will be indefinitely. Areas like laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms will especially benefit from the addition of the TKP-100.

The TKP-100 works by communicating over your home network with the required MRX-10 Network System Controller. It’s also the perfect compliment for controlling your DMS-1200 amplifier’s volume from multiple locations, or switching music sources on your SNP-1. Eye-catching push button LEDs that illuminate from white to Orange reflect a selected source or a lighting scene’s status with Universal Remote Controls two-way feedback technology.

Installation is clean and simple since the TKP-100 installs in a standard single-gang wall box. Interchangeable buttons can be tailored to match your individual system requirements. Outfit all five labels with lighting scene names or mix and match a keypad’s labels with music source buttons like “Pandora,” “iPod” or “Sirius/XM.” Custom button labels are also available by request and you can match your décor to taste since the TKP-100 accepts standard Decora plates. The possibilities are endless with the TKP-100.

Seven (7) button POE network keypad
Backlit buttons with status indication
Installs in standard single-gang box
Includes interchangeable button sets for URC music control and URC lighting control
Custom buttons available
Cover plates are not included (accepts standard Decora plates).

Microprocessor:55MHz RISC
Memory: 4 Megabits of Serial Flash, 512KB Flash, 128KB SRAM
Macro Capability: Unlimited via the MRX-10
Network: One 10/100 Ethernet port (Indicator 2 LED, PoE)
Indicator: On/Off LED 7 Button (Orange/White)
Power: PoE
Size: 4.12" x 1.75 x 1.25" (H x Wx D)
Weight: 0.18 lbs. (0.082Kg)

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