Experience & Expertise Make the Difference

The last few years has seen a significant increase in the adoption of electronics.

People love technology and the many benefits that technological innovation has brought to the world. MP3 players, cellular phones, big screen high definition televisions all lead the way in growing popularity but choosing the best from the pack can sometimes be complex.

FM Audio Video balances product selection and depth with accessibility and a customer service staff that can demystify your home stereo, car audio or home theatre purchase. We have years of combined consumer electronics experience and our wealth of knowledge and understanding is the asset that helps us shine in a ocean of complacency and misinformation.

For years we have served Brantford and surrounding area with the best choice of high quality consumer electronics. More recently we expanded our service to include home theatre installation and design. More and more home owners are choosing to invest in the comfort and relaxation of their own home theatre rooms. As a result we have been busy creating unique solutions and gorgeous custom home theatre environments for clients who trust us to delivery the best technological and aesthetically pleasing rooms. When it comes to custom home theatre installations, experience is king! We bring all of our skills, expertise and experience to each and every home theatre project we do and our work speaks for itself.

Whether your need the best advice and selection to buy a camcorder, cell phone, portable stereo or MP3 player, or whether you need your home transformed into a home theatre showcase, FM Audio Video's combined years of expertise and experience make us Southern Ontario's best choice for you next consumer electronics purchase.