Resilient Sounds 10" GOLD Subwoofer Kit

Model #:GOLD10D4-XR1001-1-10LSVDD-AMP4
WAS $1,169.00

This awesome subwoofer package includes an amazing 10" GOLD subwoofer from Resilient Sounds, a matching Kenwood amplifier including a bass knob, a deep black ported enclosure, and high-quality wiring. This kit would absolutely make your audio system "GOLD"


Resilient Sounds 10 Inch 1000 RMS Woofer - GOLD10D4

Gold 10 1,000RMS Woofer

The RS Gold Series is geared towards audio fanatics searching for a low distortion and high performance driver.


  • Rated 1,000RMS
  • 2.5 inch Voice Coil


Kenwood Class D Mono Power Amplifier - XR1001-1


Special capacitors and inductors have been carefully selected for the digital amplifier’s LC filter, which is essential for achieving highresolution audio. These high-performance parts reduce noise and distortion and ensure excellent sound quality.


By using a down-firing subwoofer and superior technologies, the audio system generates high-quality sound and powerful bass, while still being compact. READ MORE

Atrend 10 Inch Digital Designs Single Vented SPL Enclosure - 10LSVDD

Digital Deisgns Teamed up with Atrend to manufacture these certified enclosures. This enclosure has been tested by Atrend as well as Digital Designs to ensure its compatibility with DD Woofers. READ MORE

Pro Link 4AWG Complete Amplifier Installation Kit AMP4

Easily wire your amplifier with this power and signal installation kit that features 100% pure oxygen-free copper conductors for efficient signal transfer.

Compatible with most vehicles

For wide-ranging use.

Connects an amplifier to batteries, a head unit and speakers in your vehicle READ MORE

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