URC Universal Remote Control WR-7

Model #:WR-7

The URC-WR7 is a brightly backlit remote and works with thousands of A/V devices. It offers multiple set-up options including URCs exclusive Quick Set-up that does almost all of the work for you. Its also capable of learning commands from other remotes. The learning feature means the WR-7 is less likely to ever become obsolete.

The URC-WR7 is an elegant way to replace up to 7 remote controls. Its sophisticated without being complicated and can use one-button Macros (i.e., automated series of interconnected commands) that allow you to turn on your TV, cable box and DVD player and surround sound system, for instance, all at the same time with the press of one button. The URC-WR7 has thirteen buttons reserved for Macro programming, including four customizable My Favorites buttons, in which you can program up to five favorite channels per button.

The URC-WR7 can control most IR (Infrared) operated lights, too, so you can adjust room light without leaving the comfort of your easy chair.

Dump the coffee table clutter pick up a URC-WR7 remote today.

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