URC Personal Music Server PSX-2

Model #:PSX-2

PSX-2 Personal Music Server

The personal server that gets you to your favorite music faster than ever before.

There’s a reason why we call the PSX-2 a Personal Server. The award winning PSX-2 turns every iPod in your home into an incredible, easy to navigate customized music server.

URC has implemented exclusive features like an advanced alpha search that lets you sort quickly by name, and smart shortcuts that vastly simplify the navigation of content. You will be able to find your favorite music with a couple of clicks. There’s even a fully configurable, plasma-friendly TV screensaver that continually displays cover art, artist and track info.

With the PSX-2 you will enjoy your iPod in ways you never knew were possible. With one button press from any URC remote you can do things that could take dozens of button presses on the iPod alone. When you hear a song you enjoy, instead of having to browse through hundreds of artists in your collection, just press the Play More From this Artist button. And operations like Shuffle this Genre, for example, are only one touch away.

For the ultimate experience, combine your PSX-2 with one of URC’s two-way controllers. The MX-5000, MX-6000 or KP-4000 all have the ability to display iPod metadata (including cover art) on the screen of the controller so it’s not even necessary to turn on the TV.

The PSX-2 is so much more than just a dock. It’s a truly easy to navigate, highly customizable but verypersonal server.

Microcontroller:166MHz ARM922T
Flash memory:16Megabit
RAM: 128Megabit SDRAM
Jukebox Entries: Supports up to 1024 songs
Jukebox Memory:Volatile, but retained when the same iPod is removed and re-inserted. Jukebox is deleted when a different iPod is inserted or on reboot (or power failure).
Front Panel IR Sensor:Receives URC PSX-2 commands via IR
IR Range (Line of Sight via Infrared): 20-30 feet, depending on the environment.
Rear Panel IR Input:Compatible with all Complete Control MRF and MSC base stations
Ethernet: 10Base-T/100Base-TX network connector
Audio:2 RCA audio output connectors (L + R)
Component Video (Y/Pr/Pb):3 RCA video output connectors
Power:5V DC (minimum 2000 Milliamp regulated wall adapter required)
Size:6.75" W x 5" D x 1.6" H
Weight: 13.5 oz

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