Morel Virtus Nano MM2 Midrange Speaker Pair - MOVIR-NAN-MM2

WAS $339.95
$319.95 / Pair

The Virtus nano MM2 was engineered following the same design philosophy that makes the shallow Virtus nano Carbon speakers special. Using a dome shape, the anodized space-age aluminum alloy cone offers a great mass-to-stiffness ratio, high damping characteristic, and a consistent on-to-off axis response to ensure a very rich, dynamic midrange at very low distortion levels regardless of the mounting location. The 20mm copper voice coil and the powerful double neodymium EVC motor design give this compact midrange great efficiency and high power handling to keep pace with almost any system. Wrapped up in a compact chassis with a mounting depth of less than 10mm (0.4″), the Virtus nano MM2 is the perfect fit for many factory speaker locations as well as compact, custom speaker applications.



Morel’s double drive system generates more magnetic energy than a single magnet of similar size, increasing efficiency and the dynamic range. The position of the secondary magnet fixed above the top plate in the motor is the key in controlling stray magnetic flux, thus generating a more focussed magnetic field while also contributing to the “shielded” characteristic of our speakers.



Morel speakers with EVC™ technology utilize voice coils that are up to three times larger than those used in conventional loudspeakers, enabling improved heat dissipation, power handling and linearity. The EVC™ design moves the magnetic motor system to within the voice coil, eliminating stray magnetic flux by effectively directing all the magnetic energy to the voice coil. The EVC architecture is over 90% more efficient than conventional design, magnetically shielded, and highly compact.



The most powerful magnet available, neodymium enables Morel to create physically compact speakers, such as tweeters and midrange, that fit in very limited spaces without limiting the quality of sound.

Net Weight Kg (lb)0.7 (1.54)
Unit Diameter mm (inch)76.7 (3.00)
Mounting Depth mm (inch)9.3 (0.37)
Mounting Cutout mm (inch)69 (2.7)
Dome MaterialAluminium Anodized
Dome TypeAluminium Formed Dome
Magnet SystemDouble Magnet Neodymium
DC Resistance ohm3.2
Voice Coil WireCopper
Voice Coil FormerKapton
Voice Coil Diameter mm (inch)20 (0.78)
Fs Hz145
Frequency Response Hz200-5000
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1M) dB83
Max. Trans. Pwr Handling Wrms (10ms)100
Power Handling Wrms60
Nominal Impendance (ohm)4

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