Morel 2.5" Wide Range Speaker - MOCCWR254

Model #:MOCCWR254
WAS $289.95
$259.95 / Pair

Broadband speakers that cover both midrange and high-frequency audio spectrums are becoming increasingly popular in new vehicles. As a result, Morel developed the CCWR 254 as a premium wide range driver with detailed highs and a lush midrange in a compact size.

Even with its diminutive 2.5″ diameter, the new CCWR 254 employs some of Morel’s best technologies including an extremely powerful dual neodymium EVC magnet motor along with a full copper sleeve. The computer-optimized design ensures superb linearity and high magnetic flux enabling the CCWR 254 to span a frequency response of 300Hz-19kHz with ultra-low distortion across its frequency range.




Morel’s double drive system generates more magnetic energy than a single magnet of similar size, increasing efficiency and the dynamic range. The position of the secondary magnet fixed above the top plate in the motor is the key in controlling stray magnetic flux, thus generating a more focussed magnetic field while also contributing to the “shielded” characteristic of our speakers.



Morel speakers with EVC™ technology utilize voice coils that are up to three times larger than those used in conventional loudspeakers, enabling improved heat dissipation, power handling and linearity. The EVC™ design moves the magnetic motor system to within the voice coil, eliminating stray magnetic flux by effectively directing all the magnetic energy to the voice coil. The EVC architecture is over 90% more efficient than conventional design, magnetically shielded, and highly compact.



In use since the first loudspeakers, the paper continues to be an exceptional material of choice. Morel’s latest paper composite cones are ultra-lightweight, making them an exceptional pairing for drivers using smaller motors and voice coils.

CrossoverHigh-pass i350Hz
Usable frequency range (Hz)300 - 19,000
Sensitiity (2.83V/1M)(dB)84.5
Peak Power (W)80
Power Handling (Wrms)40
Size & Configuration2.5" wide range
Nominal Impedance (Ohm)4

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