Marantz Signature Reference Integrated Amplifier - PMKIRUBY
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Key Features

Built To Perform

Constructed to the highest standards with a copper-plated chasses to reduce mechanical and electrical interference

Masterfully Tuned

Complete with thoughtful engineering, painstaking tuning and extensive listening sessions, PM-KI Ruby achieves the elevated output worthy of its name.

Pure Sound

Built to leverage enhancements, maintain the purest possible sound and supply the power needed to drive the most demanding speakers.

Balanced Power Amplification

Drawing on design elements of the PM-10, the PM-KI Ruby is built to leverage enhancements, maintain the purest possible sound and supply the power needed to drive the most demanding speakers

Current Feedback Amplifier

Current Feedback amplification is a well-known, Marantz-original circuit technology, thoughtfully designed to match the expectations of your Hi-Res music for wide-bandwidth and ensured high-speed reproduction.

Marantz HDAM Technology

Marantz developed its own discrete circuit boards called Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Module, or HDAM, to replace the chip-based amps used elsewhere. Using discrete surface mount components with short mirror-image left and right signal paths, the HDAM outperform the regular integrated Op-amps dramatically in Slew Rate and noise level.

Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ

Designed to deliver optimal sound quality by simplifying the signal path, the Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ stage in the PM-KI-Ruby amplifier can be used with both moving magnet and low-output moving coil cartridges, thanks to a built-in phono amplifier.

High Quality Volume Control

Newly developed electric volume control uses the latest volume control IC to realize better channel separation, dynamic range and distortion-reduction, while retaining the operational feel of an analog volume control device. The amplifier employs new Marantz-designed electric volume control for high linearity and best-in-class channel separation.

Channels 2
Current Feedback Topology Yes
Phono EQ: Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ
HDAM version SA3, SA2
Power Transformer: Toroidal / El Yes / No
High Grade Audio Components Yes
Customised Components Yes
Symmetric PCB Layout Yes
Aluminium extrusion heat sink Yes
Balance / Bass / Treble / Loudness Yes / Yes / Yes / No
Linear Drive Power Supply Yes
Liniear volume controlYes
BI-AMP and Multichannel option No
Shottky diodes Yes
Input buffer amp No
System block shielding: Copper / metal / none Yes / No / No
Double Layer Bottom Plate Yes
Low noise OLED display Yes
Source Direct Yes
Power Amp direct Yes
Standby Mode Yes
Audio Inputs 6
Phono Input: MM / MC Yes / Yes
Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ Yes
Audio Outputs 2
Power Amp Direct IN Yes / No
Cinch input [CD][PHONO]:Thick nickel plated independent terminals Others: Gold plated
Speaker Terminal: Screw / Marantz / WBT No / Yes /SPKT-100+/ No
Number of terminals 2
D-Bus Yes
Floating Control Bus (3.5 mm mono jack x 2) Yes
Headphone Out Yes
Power Output (8 / 4 Ohm RMS) 100 W / 200 W
Frequency response 5 Hz-50 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01%
Damping Factor 500
Input Sensitivity: MM 2.3 mV / 39 kOhm
Input Sensitivity: MC 250 u V / 100 ohm
Signal to Noise Ratio: MM/MC 88 / 75 dB
Input Sensitivity: High level 220 mV / 13 kOhm
Signal to Noise Ratio: High level 107 dB (2V input)
Input Sensitivity: Power Amp Direct IN 1,1V / 13 kohm
Available Colors: Gold / Silver / Black / Silver-Gold No / No / Yes / No
Aluminum Front Panel Yes
Power Consumption in W 130 W
Standby Consumption in W 0,2 W
Auto Power off Yes
Detachable Power Cable Yes
Remote Control RC005PMSA
System Remote Function Yes
Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in inches 17.32 x 17.83 x 5
Weight in lbs. 34.61

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