Alpine Powered Subwoofer Enclosure with 10” BASSLINE™ Subwoofer - PWA-S10V



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To make your life easier, the PWA-S10V features a 10 BASSLINE subwoofer mounted with an MRV-M250 amplifier in a ported enclosure, eliminating the need to install a separate amplifier. The 2-ohm BASSLINE subwoofer and MRV-M250 amplifier combine to create 250 watts of total system power. The PWA-S10V is compatible with the remote bass knob (RUX-KNOB, sold separately) for convenient bass adjustment from the dash. The PWA-S10V comes with a BASSLINE grill, providing a stylish and protective finish to the subwoofer.

Leading the Class with Output

The 10 BASSLINE subwoofer is seamlessly mounted in a ported enclosure to produce big output.

Playing Strong Never Sounded Better

With the 4th generation V-Power MRV-M250 mounted on the box, you get an exceptionally simple, yet powerful amplifier, capable of supporting all your bass needs.

Extremely Flexible Installation Options

The all-in-one design of the PWA-S10V means you don t have to give up trunk space for both a subwoofer and separate amplifier. The cabinet measures 9 H x 13 W x 3 D and has a slant back. The vented cabinet style is already optimized for the subwoofer s performance, so just connect it and you re ready for bass.

Easy Bass Adjustment

The PWA-S10V can be controlled with the optional remote bass knob (RUX-KNOB). Conveniently adjust your bass from the dashboard, even if you are using a factory head unit.

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